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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 8, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>right pam were one-stop auto carefully saying tonight that they believe this was targeted they said 3 40 this afternoon. 2 people in a vehicle rolled up got out of the car pulled out their weapons and started opening fire into those are to a shoe see behind me. they struck 2 adults as well as of one 15 year-old boy. we can roll some video for you so you can see there evidence markers all over the place authorities are telling us that and none of these people that were injured were employees, they were all here being customers none of them related one adult with their car another adult with their car a 15 year-old boy was here. getting air in his bicycle let's hear what police said the >>the were. >>a customer in some capacity, they were not employees here we know 2 individuals or having some work done on their cars and the 15 year-old it
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appears that he came in with this bicycle and he was attempting to put some air into his bicycle tires when this incident took place limit or investigation, this appears that this is a very specific simon to say that right now at this stage of the investigation, it seems to be intentional in specific. the deal. now you're looking at this video this is the bicycle that the 15 year-old was filling up air in the tires. >>one gunfire opened up he actually started running out towards street again where he and 98th avenue so he was found actually different location, the 2 adults as he took off running other 3 people who were injured said to be in stable condition all of 3 separate in oakland as well as san leandro no description yet of the suspects at this white local police should be putting out that later but they saying that there are 2 suspects 2
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men who got out of a car and opened fire here. >>at one stop auto care, this is at 98 in streets. so that's that's where things stand now. this is going to be a crime scene throughout the evening. crime scene investigators will be coming out here that we're looking at surveillance video talking to witnesses trying to identify the suspects. so they can get them into custody. that's the latest reporting live in oakland dan kerman board. >>thank you dan we first told you about this breaking news through a push alert make sure that you have the clout for mobile lab to always get the latest breaking news alerts in your neighborhood. a man is in the hospital with serious injuries after he was mauled by a dog the animal was killed in the victim remains in critical condition tonight kron four charles clifford talk to the victim's family. >>the daily city police department says that just before 7 o'clock on monday morning they responded to the 900 block of swear in street here right behind me to this home when they arrived on
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scene they found a man being attacked by a very large dog in the backyard. officers shot and killed the animal. now the man was badly injured. he was taken to hospital and at last check was listed in critical but stable condition. his family has since identified him as 30 year-old gilgo lang, his parents were head to the hospital this afternoon i had a chance to ask his father what happened. >>they send in need to make to it was the isn't worried the shown my even president and they know and so my son. they signs of as it may this end. >>now on monday morning. there are also a lot of people here in the neighborhood out and about walking their dogs i talked to one gentleman who says he was really surprised. >>to hear that this had happened. but there's never never you know. >>oh my dog got attacked or whatever like that. so this is kind the unusual to me, but it's pretty bad.
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>>now as of monday afternoon, the police department is not identifying a what type of dog this was how we know that it's a very large dog we could see part of it when they were move removing the remains from the scene also they say they are talking to the dog's owner and that that person is cooperating with the investigation. in daly city charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and we're learning more about a mother and son who are both mauled by 3 pit bulls that happened over the weekend police say they are in stable condition tonight the 2 were taken to a hospital with major injuries though neighbors dial 911 when they saw the mother screaming and trying to protect her 3 year-old as the dogs bit them both. police say as part of the investigation. they are also looking into the possibility of filing charges in this case marked police are looking for a man in connection with an assault at the daly city bart station police say the suspect had another man with an object. >>the victim had a laceration on his next this all happened on the platform of the daily city station around 8.30 on saturday night. this comes as
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bart announces officers unfair inspectors will be working an extra day to try to increase their visibility on the bart system. >>illegal sideshows cause some heavy traffic and some scary moments just before the warriors final regular season game at oracle last night, one of them was a pretty large in the video was made the rounds all over social media crown force grant lotus joins us here in the studio was all the details grant can pan one just before the warriors game and then won several hours later in the night at least 2 that we know of because there's video officers in oakland. >>at a busy night you can hear the screeching wheels to side shows that we know of this is video from a side show around 5 o'clock last night it's a little grainy but you can certainly see what's going on cars spitting out doing donuts the street is closed down hundreds of people like they've gathered around to watch some people stuck in the mess. a woman posted this video to twitter saying that she was caught up in the sideshow couldn't move couldn't drive for over an
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hour. and then later in the evening, a chp officer broke up a sideshow that was blocking traffic on westbound 5.80 near the 106th avenue over crossing. no arrests were made in either and no injuries were reported can pan back to you all right, thank you grant a big story we're following 13 wealthy parents and a coach. >>now agreed to plead guilty in that massive college admissions scandal that includes to parents from here in the bay area hillsborough parents to be bruce isaacson will plead guilty to an array of charges that include money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. they are accused of paying college admissions consultants, $600,000 to get their daughter into u c l a and another into usc through bribes. actress felicity huffman is also pleading guilty and apologizing for her role in the scam in a related story, one of the students got up in the fall out of the admissions scandal has been expelled from for trump audible has more on that now from stanford at palo alto.
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>>as the college admissions scandal continues to unfold across the country. the connection to stanford university has now led to the expulsion of the student that student is accused of putting false information in their college application and was then linked to a $500,000 donation from the charity at the center of the admissions scam in a statement stand for said quote we determined that some of the material in the student's application is false and in accordance with our policies have rencinded mission. any credits earned have also been vacated the student a female was not named by the university or in court documents, stanford sailing coach john van de boer, you may recall pleaded guilty last month to charges of conspiracy to commit racketeering for arranging bribes to the sailing program in exchange for falsely designating to applicants the sailing recruits. neither which at any competitive sailing experience
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the money was funneled from wealthy parents to a charity run by rick singer who in turn is said to have paid off more. but neither of those 2 students followed through with her application process and we're never enrolled at stanford, the university says that while the expelled student was associated with the contribution to the sailing program. she was never actually a member of the sailing program or any other stanford athletic team. at stanford from kron 4 news. >>east bay congressman eric swalwell is officially running for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination. he announced his van during a taping of the late show with stephen are saying that he filed paperwork with the federal election commission today. the 38 year-old has then contemplating a run for montos now so allah says that he is ready to solve the problems the united states is saying at home and abroad. he's entering the race in a crowded field of 17 other democrats comes the second bay area politician running for
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the presidency, senator kamala harris kicked off her campaign for the white house in january time now to take a look outside see how things are shaping up on this monday as we give you a view of the embarcadero in the bay bridge and look at those thick clouds our chief meteorologist lazcano standing by live back to work monday any out because some more showers moving a little ends here. >>this will temper on you can see the moisture on the gens of we're seeing some light showers some heavy drizzle beginning to shop around the bay area again weak cold front. >>now actually diving into the bay area at this time so here it is bring some lightning storms up in far northern california near redding around the bay area though more scattered showers begin to pop up a little further to the south now you can see a lot of this law we're getting some raindrops in the pacifica headed toward apple bail granada and daly city are picking up some rain drops too and in the north they continue to see some light showers out there just enough to get the ground with people that are traveling in and around the bay area we're going to see more that overnight side the system that i'm kind of move through and they kind of fall apart as it moves across the bay or watch right here on the computer model as we get a
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pass on by see kind of cruise not by and they kind of fall apart still some lingering snow flurries up in the sierra nevada as we head toward tomorrow, but our commute around the bay area look in mostly sunny and dry outside. and that's way it's going to stay in fact more of a northerly wind tomorrow i think there's any big story tomorrow with weather. it will be the winds kicking up in the afternoon it will be a bit blustery especially along the coastline. maybe some 30 plus mile an hour gusts out toward the beaches. but it will be mostly sunny and it should be dry. that look like it to stay that way all week we do have another chance of rain coming our way we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thank you grant a lawrence rather police are looking for for thieves who robbed a sporting goods store in the east bay over the weekend. >>today investigators released surveillance images of the suspects kron four says it might do and has the story. >>dick's sporting goods and pleasant what started off as a $1200 shoplifting spree it an robberies that is out there one of the suspects read this a shark cutter towards one of
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the store employees. happened sunday at around one 30 pm pleasant hill police released these still surveillance images of the suspects 3 and a woman as they exited the store with their literally full of stolen merchandise, pleasant hill police corporal michael robinson says this crime as part of a developing trend, you know shoplifting is not a new crime, it's something that has kind of always been around. >>however, lately we have seen an uptick in i'm kind of organize staffs were groups suspects will come together commit crimes and it's kind of more of a planned actions so we are seeing e increase in that kind of activity to way it works the suspects will come into business and steel. however, once a display that weapon as they're leaving the business of actually turn into a robbery and believe it or not a couple of hours after the robbery, the same did sporting goods was targeted again by a different pair of job >>that no weapon was used during the commission of that crime. the president of police checking to see the 2 crimes
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are related. anyone with information is asked to contact pleasant hill police and pleasant hill has he met for news. >>and uber driver under arrest for allegedly trying to steal from his passengers after taking them to the airport will tell you what he did after he dropped them off a bay area lawmaker wants to go after doctors who abuse their patients are in tell you why victim say those abusers are not being held accountable and th search is on for the person who tore down a flag honoring fallen police officers
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>>police in alameda are asking for the public's help to try to identify a vandal caught on camera ripping down a slag honoring fallen police officer tours maureen kelly talked to that flags owner who says he's angry about what happened. >>you know what to say how husband news crews. this means lot to me. >>real estate broker jolla paros talking about the crime caught by surveillance cameras outside his santa clara avenue real estate office 2 women are seen walking down the street around 08:30pm the night of march 26 when the woman in the yellow jumps up and rips down the thin blue line flag which honors the bravery of police officers killed in the line of duty foot par says the woman is later seen in the video taking something out of her purse and comes back on the return to do something to the flag. we don't know what flag has never been recovered
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police are asking anyone who recognizes the people in the video to give them a call fish, people's property. >>they'll have the they speak your piece feel like that's fine that your flag taken down if something happens. are people's property. the marine corps veteran has been flying the flag outside his brokerage since january, it's called the re max tribute. >>because he founded it nearly 3 years ago after his 28 year-old son died of cancer. he was diagnosed while studying for his real este license because he planned on working with his dad. dad now gives a portion of every commission oakland children's hospital. but now that word of the vandalism at his office has spread the mother of an alameda police officer has given him something a replacement thin blue line flag lose touch then a lot. >>well the car says it's not possible to fly the replacement flag any prouder you can see the stall the flag
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pole. a little bit higher to help keep it out of harm's way. maureen kelly com 4 innings. >>and uber driver was arrested for burglarizing a home and trying to break into another sam, a tale police say jackie gordon was caught on camera burglarizing a home on ash tribe on thursday. but before that they say he tried to break into a separate home of one of his uber passengers. gordon had just dropped off that passenger at the airport according to police and their return to the home an hour later, but an alarm went off and he left only to break into the mass trial home a few blocks away. he is now facing burglary attempted burglary and resisting arrest. >>state lawmakers want to hold doctors more accountable and allegations of sexual-abuse some say the way the system set up now protects doctors more than patients. capitol bureau reporter ashley explains the effort to try to change that. >>truth is written complaints date back to 1989 allged
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victims of sexually abuse at the hands of a doctor are hoping lawmakers hear their message and what that means is i didn't have to be a victim and the woman who came after me for 28 years didn't have the victims either adrien asked bigger and lucy kai both usc graduates decades apart say they were abused by the same gynecologist their physician doctor george tyndall was the center of multiple abuse complaints over decades, victims say the allegations were taken seriously until just last year all of us were shocked and horrified state senator jerry hill wants to change the way allegations are handled proposing to require hospitals and clinics to notify state regulators of patient abuse within 15 days of the alleged crime in the healthcare industry in general doctors are highly valued. >>and so even at the wonderful organizations, i work that. whenever a complaint was made by a patient. we always doubted the patient first the california medical board says it already receives 10,000
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complaints a year. >>the california medical association opposes the measure as the difference in place and reporting process that will cause extreme back on to the medical board. >>is extreme challenges in its implementation. >>i didn't know is that larger an enormous of a problem. but it sounds like from their point of view it is an enormous problem and that's just every other region and more reason that we need to do something. >>the legislation passed through its first a senate committee hearing monday it's set to be heard by the senate judiciary committee as soon as april 23th, reporting in sacramento actually is about a crime for >>checking outside right now looking north tonight for the cold front gate bridge and look at that fog showering the tower there are shift routing the tower there. all now lawrence said to feels like it's super muggy and you can see is a lot of yeah condensation in the here some that fall out of the air now and make his way on the ground
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so get a little damp around the bay area tonight if you're headed up the roadways, especially long peninsula. >>and north where you're seeing some of the rain drops a pop in a most the system, a heavy drizzle, some light rain the scene on the doppler radar not a time but we've got the scattered showers now beginning to show up along the peninsula making their way inside the baby near a word got some scattered showers we see this band moving on shore. boy there's just a lot of moisture in the atmosphere right now got a weak cold front sliding on through squeeze now very light rain drops in the drizzle out there right now so natalie, continuing throughout the night tonight and then by early tomorrow morning we start to clear out your skies, it turns out to be pretty nice so by tomorrow we're talking mostly sunny about that and breezy by the afternoon little windy right along the immediate coastline. and the week ahead, i think mostly sunny breezy. although there's a chance of showers late in the week as another storm system comes through temperatures outside right now still very nice and a good part of the south a 70 amount 70 in san jose, 70 degrees in redwood city and then you head further north you run of those clouds most temperatures in the low 60's. if you are stepping outside plant few scattered showers throughout the evening, him, a couple raindrops continuing are right
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through the middle of the night and then begin to drop off after that tomorrow, the winds will be kicking up that will probably the big story a little breezy tomorrow morning and by the afternoon getting blustery begin to see some of the red colors show up along the coastline winds gusting over 20 maybe 30 miles per hour up toward the beaches. so a blustery afternoon as high pressure builds in behind the cold front. the good news is the system comes through high pressure builds in we're going to see some sunshine for the next 2 days and some dry weather for at least a few. but there's a chance for rain the forecast to talk more about that a few minutes all right laura, thank you. tonight at 6.45 a former playboy model. >>this facing charges in the death of the monterey county doctor wecht details of which he's accused of doing in how she even knew the victim and next when officers are hurt in the line of duty there's a program designed to help the some say it is failing and abandoning officers their time of need. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock.
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the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. >>a law enforcement group called wounded blue is blasting the department of justice saying that a benefits program set up 4 officers who are hurt in the line of duty is falling short washington correspondent recall martin tells us one senators even calling the department of justice lazy in demanding it make changes. >>he grabbed my sister's police the men and women on the frontlines daily. >>it's a job that makes them 3 times more likely to get injured so what happens when that injury turns into disability were throwing them
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away literally. >>randy sutton is founder of the wounded blue. he says the national group gives a voice to thousands of officers left behind when they can no longer work. right now the justice department is supposed to financially help disabled officers to the public safety officers benefits program. but he says the system is plagued with delays and dysfunction making it hard for officers to collect the money they need there doesn't seem to be any consistency. >>in how these these claims are being processed and 2017 congress passed the law to fix the program but missing more specific guidelines on who exactly could qualify for the benefit is just wrong to have. >>some people get justice so some people might get justice. >>iowa, senator chuck grassley says right now the deal j denies benefits to some officers working part time the sun says that part-time income is not a living wage war. >>the government to say all right we're going to be this benefit, but then you have to
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leave there like a lump our. a rug. for the rest of your life and never contribute that's not right. >>grassley recently sent a letter to the attorney general urging the deal j to fix the problems something he says should have happened years ago the justice department says the utter grassley's letter is under review and washington recall martin. >>coming up next at 6.30 the homeland security secretary one of several administration officials now out of a job. we'll tell you about the president's latest shake-up. >>plus a highway patrol is mourning one of its own tonight, the latest on a drunk driving crash that killed an officer who was near retirement. >>a lot of clouds little rain in the forecast right now. but there's also some sunshine not far away will tell you when coming up next. >>and if you are streaming us on kron on and the news you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes
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>>democratic presidential candidate people to ditch today talking about the department of homeland security, here's to nielsen's resignation nielsen is the latest member of president trump's cabinet to be forced to leave accident after clashing with the president on policy he also resigned last night as the president expressed his frustration over the situation at the border with mexico. karin caifa is in washington with the latest reaction and what happens
6:30 pm
next. >>i will continue to support all efforts to address c humanitarian and security crisis on the border. >>in others, not i'm on my way to keep doing what i for the next 2 days. >>son nielsen's tumultuous tenure as homeland security secretary coming to a close as president trump calls for tougher action at the us southern border with mexico. amid a surge in border crossings. despite reports she was on thin ice with the president nelson was at the border with him late last week. she described her department as being in disaster response and called on congress to act you don't have to us all other parts of immigration that also need to be solved. >>but right now we have an emergency on our hands we need to treat it as such. >>nielsen came to the trump administration as john kelly of staff when he served as homeland security secretary she was nominated to the cabinet post in october 20 17 and would become a very public face of the administration's controversial a 0 tolerance policy at the border,


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